Firepit Rules & Tips

The Breeo steel firepit may be used by guests under the following conditions:

  1. Do not start a fire when there are burning warnings (check current info at or high winds (over 30-40 mph). If such occurs, please put out the fire immediately with water. 
  2. Do not move the firepit from its location on the front gravel patio. 
  3. Use only the firewood (hardwoods) provided located under the deck or inside the garage. Using softwoods (pine, aspen, etc.) with saps can clog up the firepit and cause damage; as well as make food taste yucky if grilling! 
  4. Do NOT use any lighter fluid gasoline or other chemicals when starting a fire. Kindling + fire starter cubes are plenty to get things going! 
  5. Keep the metal cover on when the firepit when not in use, but DO NOT PLACE COVER OVER A HOT FIRE!
  6. If a fire is active (flames) or red hot embers, it must be attended at all times until cooled down.
  7. Once the fire is completely cooled, the ash must be removed using the ash vacuum (located in the garage, as well as an extension cord). Dump the ash far away from the house. 
  8. If used the sear plate or grill, please clean fully with a scrapper and/or scrubber. (from the grill or griddle) 
  9. The grill attachment is stored on the garage wall (black bag) and must be cleaned and returned after use. 

Tips on fires, cooking, and cleaning: 

We provide a few things to get a fire started, including kindling (in buckets under front porch), lighter, and firestarters (in the garage or near corn stove). The biggest tip to getting a good fire is starting with small stuff before moving to larger logs. These videos from Breeo are also very helpful: 

Starting a fire:

How to use outpost grill:

Getting a very hot fire with minimal smoke:

Using the seat plate for cooking:

Cleaning sear plate: