Check-Out Instructions

Please follow these instructions exactly as a checklist to ensure the safety and efficiency of the lodge. 



  1. Propane wall stove: Make sure the stove is on and turn the thermostat to 2. 
  2. Interior doors: Open the bedroom & bathroom doors--prop them open with a rock nearby. 
  3. Faucets drip: Turn all faucets--kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, showers--in lodge and utility room to slow drip of cold water @ 5-10 drops per minute.
  4. Cabinet & shower doors: Open cabinet doors under sinks (kitchen & bathroom) & the shower door.


  1. Utility/ski room: Empty all trash cans. Make sure washer & dryer are empty. Close doors & lock at handle (interior) & deadbolt (exterior key), and place keys inside of lodge on the hook near side/kitchen door.
  2. Kitchen: Wash, dry, and put away all dishes. Put all appliances in proper locations in cabinets. 
  3. Trash: Remove all trash and take it to the dumpsters in Red River--nearest location here. DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE LODGE.
  4. Linens: Place all used (dirty) bed linens & towels in the living room behind the sofa. 
  5. Corn Stove: If running, turn off and let it cool down; then, clean/vacuum out the chamber completely.
  6. Baseboard heaters: Make sure there no items near electric baseboard heaters in the living room, kitchen, or bedrooms. 
  7. Fan: Turn on the main living area fan to 2.
  8. Lodge bathroom: Make sure the heater is turned OFF.
  9. Shades & curtains: Close all interior shades (living area) and curtains (bedrooms). 
  10. Lights: Turn off all interior and exterior lights EXCEPT the kitchen stove/hood light. 
  11. Side/kitchen door: Lock the lodge's side (kitchen) door latch bolt. 
  12. Front door: Leave through the lodge's front door and lock only the deadbolt (top lock) from the outside using the keypad or app. Do NOT lock the door handle from the inside!